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Bugs & Security Issues

Bugs & Security Issues (2)


     At Beacon Solutions, we believe in providing the High Reliability for our Customers. In line with this we extensively base our offerings on Open Source Software. We not only provide you with solutions based out of the Latest Versions of Software / Hardware, we Also keep them up to date. Here are some tips, fixes, alerts for when things don't wok the way they are supposed to do ...
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The Agonising time when …

  • Your AntiVirus program cleans your PendDrive / External Disk only to leave some “.lnk” / Shortcut files
  • You used an already infected pen drive on a computer with a decent antivirus program
  • You need to get your important data, which you have no back up of
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If you have a System running Windows 10 and you find that the Rupee Symbol "₹" is not being rendered & see a ugly box instead

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