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     At Beacon Solutions, we believe in providing the Best Value for our Customers. In line with this we upgrade our offerings based on the latest Open Source Software/Hardware. Open Source Solutions not only provide a fast turn around times, but also tend to be more economical to maintain in the longer run. Stay Tunes for some nice hacks to make life simple using Open Source Solutions
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Apache has been around for long and has proved it's worth. Then why LEMP when we have LAMP ?? A Brief introduction and instructions on how to set up your own LEMP server. A guide to have your own fully configured LEMP server in under 30 mins

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A good thing that CHROME has a built in DNS cache that allows it to speed up loading of pages. This also means that my DNS servers updating is not sufficient at times, i need to clear CHROME's Cache too, here is a way where you could do this :-


If you really needed this info, guess you are already equipped to take it from here. just enter the above in the Unibox and get going ;-)

Did not work ?? Well your OS still had some records in its cache her's a few more tricks

For windows

ipconfig /flushdns

for the internet ;-)


 Very very useful during the time you set a long TTL value and want to push that site live fast / move a server / have any DNS change

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The web keeps throwing up a 3 digit number, a quick reference to interpret them, the following is a ready reference to interpret these numbers (and pinpoint the source of these errors)

Here is a compilation of the Error Codes and what they mean

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