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Beacon Solutions

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Grow your sales from hundreds of thousands to millions!!

An Online Sales opens up your business to the whole world; it also brings in some amount of overheads like

  • Payments (Ex. Payment Gateways)
  • New Marketing Needs (SEO, SEM, Offers, Coupon Codes etc.)
  • Logistics of Delivery (Ex. Geographically Variable Shipping rates, Returns)
  • Analytics (Ex. Visitors to site, Conversion Ratio, Customer Acquisition cost)
  • Technology (Ex. Content Delivery Network for Site Performance)
  • Keeping IT Infrastructure Costs Low

We at Beacon Solutions not only take care of the technicalities for you but also educate you regarding the Potential and limitations of technology to build a successful long term business online.

We have experience with
Majento, Various Shopping carts on Joomla & Wordpress, Prestashop, OpenCart etc.

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