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Rupee Symbol (₹) Issue on Systems Running Chrome on Windows 10

If you have a System running Windows 10 and you find that the Rupee Symbol "₹" is not being rendered & see a ugly box instead

This is true as of chrome version  46.0.2490.80 m  or  48.0.2547.0 canary (64-bit) 

Open chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write
Enable the "Disable DirectWrite" Flag
Restart your Browser

Thats all  !!

Note :

  1. Windows 10 was released long after the Rupee Symbol ₹ was included in Unicode
  2. For Older Windows Versions (like WIndows-7) There is a patch available from microsoft 
  3. To type this character use Key Combination Alt(Right)+4 i.e. press the ALT key to the right of your space-bar and the number 4 simultaneously
  4. It is also required that you have English(India) set as your Locale/Language/Keyboard
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