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     At Beacon Solutions, we believe in providing the Best Value for our Customers. In line with this we extensively base our offerings based on the Open Source Software. From the powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) for Websites, CRMs, ERPs to Enable your Business Operations, to Fast Prototyping and Production Ready Designs with OpenHardware. Open Source Solutions not only provide a fast turn around times, but also tend to be more economical to maintain in the longer run. This Blog is our little effort to give back to community for all that it gives us in way of freely available support all over the internet.


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     Interested in what we do at Beacon Solutions ? Stay tuned to catch up on oppetrunities to be a part of us or any of our long term clients/partners ...


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     At Beacon Solutions, we believe in providing the Best Value for our Customers. In line with this we upgrade our offerings based on the latest Open Source Software/Hardware. Open Source Solutions not only provide a fast turn around times, but also tend to be more economical to maintain in the longer run. Stay Tunes for some nice hacks to make life simple using Open Source Solutions
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Bugs & Security Issues


     At Beacon Solutions, we believe in providing the High Reliability for our Customers. In line with this we extensively base our offerings on Open Source Software. We not only provide you with solutions based out of the Latest Versions of Software / Hardware, we Also keep them up to date. Here are some tips, fixes, alerts for when things don't wok the way they are supposed to do ...
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If you have a System running Windows 10 and you find that the Rupee Symbol "₹" is not being rendered & see a ugly box instead

     It’s tough getting noticed on the Web, and I mean it “Its Really Really tough to get noticed on the Web”. Consider this scenario, you have a existing or a new business and get yourself a website, only to realise if all the resources that went into making one is hardlypaying you back, or worse you yourself find it difficult to find your website without knowing your URL (the thing that looks like http://beacon-solutions.in)

     A Web site can provide useful information about a popular subject or provide the most relevant information your target audience is in need of and is also interactive and engrossing, yet still attract few or no visitors. The key problem is not showing high up on search engine return pages (SERPs, the pages you see after clicking search on Google for example).

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The web keeps throwing up a 3 digit number, a quick reference to interpret them, the following is a ready reference to interpret these numbers (and pinpoint the source of these errors)

Here is a compilation of the Error Codes and what they mean

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A client of ours has the following staff requirements

They are a eCommerce startup setting-up our operations in Bangalore, currently focusing on Grocery, Fruits, Vegetables and Beverages. Who are currently located on Kanakapura road (near Metro Cash & Carry). As part of building their operations crew, they are currently looking for a Operations and Category Managers (Grocery and Food).
Here is the job description for this position.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a Business’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It involves using technology not only to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes like marketing & sales activities, but also those for customer service, and technical support.

The overall goal(s) of a CRM is to find, attract and win new clients; nurture and retain those the company already has; entice former clients back; and to reduce the costs of marketing and client service.

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This article is from :


This is a notice to all developers / webmasters. Check your site to see if you have any extensions installed from Autson.com AKA iNowWeb.com AKA Plimun.com (possibly more).

Extensions from this developer/company contain malicious code that fetches a file from their server and inserts it into your site. Right now they are inserting hidden backlinks to their Payday L0ans website, which is terrible in itself as this practice can affect YOUR Google rankings, but they also have the ability to insert whatever code they like and do can whatever they like to your website. This is a huge security vulnerability. As such, the extensions have been removed from the JED, but they are still on tens of thousands of websites.

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A good thing that CHROME has a built in DNS cache that allows it to speed up loading of pages. This also means that my DNS servers updating is not sufficient at times, i need to clear CHROME's Cache too, here is a way where you could do this :-


If you really needed this info, guess you are already equipped to take it from here. just enter the above in the Unibox and get going ;-)

Did not work ?? Well your OS still had some records in its cache her's a few more tricks

For windows

ipconfig /flushdns

for the internet ;-)


 Very very useful during the time you set a long TTL value and want to push that site live fast / move a server / have any DNS change

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The Agonising time when …

  • Your AntiVirus program cleans your PendDrive / External Disk only to leave some “.lnk” / Shortcut files
  • You used an already infected pen drive on a computer with a decent antivirus program
  • You need to get your important data, which you have no back up of
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Apache has been around for long and has proved it's worth. Then why LEMP when we have LAMP ?? A Brief introduction and instructions on how to set up your own LEMP server. A guide to have your own fully configured LEMP server in under 30 mins

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